Quarterly household investment summary

A year in the making and finally ready for prime time. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and conceptualizing how I can communicate regularly to you and other clients in a way that’s meaningful. I’m excited that I can now give you relevant information without asking you to lift a finger. That’s my job. This July (2016) you will receive your first ‘Quarterly Household Investment Summary’ delivered straight to your email inbox (more on this below).

Your new ‘Quarterly Household Investment Summary’ works in conjunction with the new Performance Dashboard system that I introduced to many of you already (more on that here). The FI Analytics platform is wholly owned and operated by me so you can rest assured that your information is in good hands.

Inside your new quarterly household investment summary you will find a sampling of stats related to your account(s). This email provides quick relevant facts about investment performance, how much you received in cash dividends over the last three months and remind you to log in for a more detailed report. More to come in due time.

For now, thank you for the opportunity of managing your account and I look forward providing more useful client tools in the future.

Jacob Deschenes

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Here is a sample report.

Quarterly Household Investment Summary