Six investment products you should avoid

Six investment products you should avoid Today there are a tremendous amount of investment options and products available that have no place being in the average person's portfolio. Slick marketing strategies lure unsuspecting people toward these highly engineered products and not even the person selling it understands completely. Investing is confusing enough and for most investors it's best to keep things simple.  The key similarity [...]

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Avoid costly tiered investment advisory fee models

Avoid costly tiered investment advisory fee models Not all financial advisors are created equal. Many of the nationally known investment firms use tiered fee structures which could be costly over time. When I get the opportunity to meet with new clients and review their current portfolios I'm often troubled by the sneaky ways clients end up being charged more than I think they should. A [...]

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Is diversification enough anymore?

Is diversification enough anymore? Originally published in Business Pulse Magazine Winter 2017 issue. It is of common belief that diversification is seen as the only free lunch for investors. It’s an easy concept for clients to grasp, a simple tool to implement. And many financial advisors have steadfastly used it for decades as their primary tool in avoiding concentrated risk [...]

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Quarterly household investment summary

Quarterly household investment summary A year in the making and finally ready for prime time. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and conceptualizing how I can communicate regularly to you and other clients in a way that’s meaningful. I’m excited that I can now give you relevant information without asking you to lift a finger. That’s my job. [...]

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Divesting of fossil fuel-related opportunities is hogwash

Divesting of fossil fuel-related opportunities is hogwash Read my column in the Winter 2015 Business Pulse Magazine. An environmental movement that is gaining traction suggests divesting large-investment portfolios from owning fossil fuel-related companies. Across the nation, especially many universities and their boards watching over foundations (such as WWU’s right here in Bellingham) and endowment funds have experienced pressure to make [...]

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Advantages of fee-only advisors

Advantages of fee-only advisors Read my column in the Fall 2015 Business Pulse Magazine. I understand that researching investments is not an easy task and your time is more valuable elsewhere, therefore you choose to hire someone to do it on your behalf. The decision to hire a financial advisor brings a whole new set of questions to the [...]

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